Praying for your Pastor’s Wife/Borrowing Brains

I have posted various prayer lists compiled by “Revive Our Hearts” (the online ministry of Nancy Leigh DeMoss), and came upon this one which gives a different area each day concerning prayer needs for your pastor’s wife.  I now have an even more vested interest in this, and so I offer this as an exhortation to church ladies and encouragement to my fellow pastor’s wives.  Click here to read the list and print it so you can tuck it into your Bible.  This is an important ministry any church lady can have…and considering that your pastor’s wife is your preacher’s main source of encouragement (aside from God of course) and support, it serves the shepherd of your church when you pray for his spouse.

For ministry wives visiting this post, I have found some good, balanced encouragement at They have many resources for encouragement and reference as well as a message board community where you can converse with other ministry ladies.  It is important for us to have a place where we can ask for prayer and advice…esp my western lady friends who have very little available to them for fellowship with other nearby churches.

Finally, and also for the pastor’s wives stopping by here…I’d like your very best piece of advice for new pastor’s wives.  I know I’m not alone in being new to this. 😉  I have been ministering to ladies for a couple decades now, in teaching and counseling venues, but this new role adds a whole different dimension to things.  So, it is my goal to heap together 31 great pieces of advice for this new chapter in my life…31 things that I can parcel out, one per day, to pray over and consider while we love our flock here in Farson.  If you feel uncomfortable putting your suggestion “out there” in this public venue, please use the “Email” option at the top of my left side bar.  I want to hear from you!

Many thanks in advance, and if you have a prayer request for me to remember, you may also use the “Email” tab for that as well!




Monday Morning Club–“Always the Same”

It has been a good break. We’ll get back up to speed enjoying some great stuff I have been squirreling away over the past month or so.  Ready?  Here’s Claudia Barba’s Monday Morning Club…and it’s a good one!

The conversation lasted only about 15 seconds, but I have never forgotten it. I had greeted a pastor friend at a ministry

"But sometimes--right there in his very own kitchen--he encounters the Wicked Witch of the West instead. He is bewildered by his quick-change artist of a wife, and surely he sometimes wishes she were more stable."

conference and asked about his wife. “She’s fine,” he answered. Then he paused, and a grin spread across his face. “She’s the same every single day!”

What unexpected, unusual praise! I wondered at it all through the service that followed. Of all the things a man in ministry might praise about his wife (beauty, hospitality, hard work) he chose her constancy. “The same every single day”—why would he set such value on that? Why did that compliment come so quickly to his mind?

Maybe because it’s so rare. A woman, after all, is seldom the same two minutes in row. Our spirits tend to sway with our circumstances. They are flattened by small criticisms or sent soaring by the tiniest bits of praise. Since the ministry is a roller-coaster sort of life, a ministry wife has plenty of opportunities (and every excuse she could ever want) for her feelings to move up and down with it. Add in the stresses of home and children, not to mention those pesky hormones, and . . . pity her poor husband.

When he comes through the door at the end of his day, wearied by the minutiae of management, mind-numbed by hours of study, or drained by a day of circling wandering sheep, there’s nothing he longs for more than the steady companionship of the sweet wife he kissed goodbye in the morning. But sometimes–right there in his very own kitchen–he encounters the Wicked Witch of the West instead. He is bewildered by his quick-change artist of a wife, and surely he sometimes wishes she were more stable.

She can be, but not by herself. Stability is not innate or effortless for most of us female-type humans. Only in Christ is “no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” He is the solid, immutable Rock of Ages, and He can keep you stable. When your earth quakes, anchor your thoughts to His unchanging promises. When storms roll in, hide in His shadow. When you’re too tired to handle the demands of the day, let Him be the Rock of your strength. When your heart is unsatisfied, let the sweet water flowing from the Rock quench your thirst. Whenever any scary or upsetting thing happens, just run straight to the Rock. Climb on, settle down, and stay there. Your emotions will stabilize, your inner witch will melt away, and you (to your husband’s delight) will become more and more like your Savior–the same every single day.

“For who is God, save the LORD? And who is a rock, save our God?” (2 Samuel 22:32).