Let It Go, Mom.

katieoutfitIn going through “Throwback Thursday” photos on Facebook recently, I came across this one. Thinking about it again today, I realized I’ve contrived my own version of “Let It Go”. Mismatched, out-of-season clothes…is that kid happy, loved, fed, modest, and relatively clean? Let it go. On Sundays, I get to pick what she wears, but she does her own styling the rest of the week. If I’m worried about it, it’s because others may think I’m a bad mom for not color coordinating everything, making sure it is a fashionable ensemble. It doesn’t matter. A decade from now, she won’t remember what she wore. Neither will I. She needs to be a kid. 

ps This same principle applies to Pop Tarts for breakfast, school on the trampoline, homeschooling (or not), cloth diapers (or not), nursing your baby (or not), and a host of other things. Let other moms have the same latitude you need. Embrace and encourage your mom friends right where they are…because we all need that. Rest in what your own crazy normal looks like today, and help other moms who are wearily wielding their swords to find rest for their souls. It’s in Jesus, in His perfection. It’s not in trying to attain “perfect mom” status. That’s just plain exhausting.

Lay it all before God, and honor Him.

The Gospel Centered Mom–Giveaway!

gospelcenteredmomI just got my review copy yesterday!

“I think you’ll agree with me that nothing knocks your pride flat on the ground, crumbles your sense of self-sufficiency, or liquefies all those rational brain cells you worked so hard to develop in college like motherhood. The mess leaves room for little else. Ironically, the fuller life gets, the more room there is for the gospel.” (pg. 9)

I think I’m going to like this book! 🙂

I have another copy that I am going to give away to one lucky winner! If you would like to enter to win, just comment on this post. Comment only once (multiple commenting will result in being removed from the drawing). I will use Random.org to draw the name of our winner a week from today, on Thursday, March 15.  The winner’s name will be posted in the comments on this blog post, so be sure to follow this!

To learn more about the book, go here. It’s very economical, and in a nice, concise, spiral (and hardbound) format, and even comes with its own pen! Sara also has a blog here.

I plan to begin a chapter by chapter study through this book, and will be doing something new and posting the weekly discussions here on the blog. They will be in video format. Let me know if you would like to join us here…I’d love to have a good group of moms doing this together. The chapters are not lengthy, and each has study questions. One thing I really like is that Sara includes a scripture index at the end. I’ve done the same for my current study group through Heidi St. John’s Becoming MomStrong book study...because in the end, God promises to bless His word and He’s never wrong. We need that firm foundation of truth for any parenting study. Agree? 🙂


“Becoming Mom Strong” Launch!

momstrongbookcoverI’m beyond excited about this opportunity to help launch Heidi St. John’s new book, “Becoming Mom Strong”! This is a timely, biblically-based perspective on today’s parenting…because what we are facing ain’t your mama’s motherhood experience. I love what Heidi has said in our launch group (don’t worry…I won’t be sharing anything of a personal nature from this private group):

I truly believe that you are part of a very special generation of mothers—tasked with raising kids in a culture that is rapidly moving toward moral relativism and away from the things that God says bring life. We’re going to be talking about the very real struggles we are facing right now—but we’re also going to laugh (a lot) pray for each other and learn to see ourselves the way God sees us… as women who have been set apart “for such a time as this,” capable, loved, chosen. In other words, “MomStrong!”

Do you have days (sometimes weeks?) when you feel like you’re just not doing this thing right? It’s time for some empowerment, ladies. Lasting, rock-solid, uplifting words from our Almighty Creator God!

Pre-order the book here!

The Invisible Woman

This is beautiful. I had read it before, but never seen it. A great message, and so anti the “I have my rights”…”I’m worth it”…”what about my ‘quality of life?’ ” and the “me-time” focus of our generation. What are WE building today? A shrine to self, or a great cathedral?

One of My Congregants Leaves for Camp

My brother Dave said once (and I am paraphrasing) that each of us as believers has our own congregation.  A group of people with whom we closely relate, who observe our lives, whom we can influence.  For a stay-at-home mom, that congregation is largely her children.

One of my congregants is packed and ready to leave for camp.  Is it right for me to be jealous over him, to put on the she-bear

View from the lodge at Red Cliff Bible Camp, where Michael is going today.

persona?  Not if it means I step up in his defense when he has acted like a wing nut and, though it may have been entirely of his own volition, it very well may indicate some poor parenting skills on my end.  I’ve seen this.  But, yes, if that means I am concerned for his well being there, and praying God will protect him from the sundry knothead camper who is there under duress and wanting to encourage any and all to become his cohorts.  And if my son is manifesting knothead tendencies, I am jealous for his soul and that God will duly route the attempts of the adversary to distract my dear one from paying attention to His still, small voice.

So, I pack my boy’s bag with care, and put a note inside that tells him I love him and I’m praying for him.  I make sure he has clean underwear and his asthma meds.  I include a bag for his dirty laundry (like he’s going to use it) and his Bible, and a notebook and pen.  He tells me he wants to take his teddy, so I stuff it in his pillow case, and (knowing that there may not be many kids bringing teddies with them) I suggest that if he decides he does not want to use it (ie “If you notice nobody else has one and you don’t want to feel like a little kid”…without using those exact words), the teddy has plenty of room to breathe if he remains inside the pillow case (which is a tough guy camo/army lookin’ thing).  I prepare him for the experience as best I can to help him have a successful week at camp.

And now I pray.