We Need Your Support–And It’s Easy!

nomorefingerpricksYesterday was the kick-off for Diabetes Awareness Month. I post lots of informative things each day to help inform on Facebook. THIS (below) IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES. Here’s why.

This is legit. It comes straight from the Dexcom office. Katie got a big package yesterday with #dexcomWarriors in big print on the front. This was inside. Here’s the deal…for every photo or video that is posted on Facebook with “@Dexcom” and the hashtag #nomorefingerpricks, Dexcom will donate $1 to Beyond Type 1! If all my friends on Facebook did this, that would be $714 donated! Imagine the possibilities if the readership of this blog fully engaged! This group has been amazingly supportive of us since the very beginning of our journey in 2016. I’m the parent advocate for Wyoming in their DKA Awareness Campaign.

So, this is effortless. Nearly everyone in my friends list knows how to take a selfie. Know how to write the letter “x”? Then you’re all set! Post a photo or video of yourself with an x on your index finger, tag Dexcom by putting the @ sign before the word Dexcom (with no space between) and include the hashtag #nomorefingerpricks in your post. That’s all. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Oh, and I’ve made the privacy setting on this post Public so you can share. Make the privacy setting on your post Public as well so it can be viewed by Dexcom and count toward their totals.

I’d like to ask one more thing. Would you tag me in your post also? On Facebook, I am Diane Cannon Heeney. I’d love for Katie to see all those who are supporting this effort. Please?? 💙💙💙 Here’s to no more poking– #weneedacure

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