Do you have Spirit Sense?

lanternbookSome call it a “sixth sense”. Spiderman would say his “spider sense” was tingling. Miss Clavel would turn on her light in the middle of the night and declare, “Something is not right!”

You can have this awareness in reality. I call it Spirit Sense.  That inner prompting which tells you that something about a person, a situation, the words you hear, a path you are offered…is not in line with truth.

“The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple.”

Psalm 119:130

When we hide God’s word in our hearts, it gives us an essential, added perspective on life. It helps us to view things through His eyes, and with His truth as the standard against which everything ought to be measured.

When things seem obscured, dark, uncertain…the truth of His word will light the way. Not as a beacon necessarily (because we would not be able to bear seeing too much of the future laid open in front of us), but as a lantern, allowing us to see the next right step, helping us to avoid treacherous paths.

Having scripture memorized means the Spirit has an array of tools at the ready, to help us in any given situation. It also helps us to discern not only between good and evil, but between better and best, which is often harder.

Read this brief but excellent article on the topic for more encouragement.

You may also find that scripture writing helps you to meditate more deeply in the Word. Currently, I am reading through Colossians each day (sometimes the whole book, sometimes just a chapter) for the month of August. I am reading Wiersbe’s Be Complete along with this, as well as using this month’s scripture writing assignments from Heidi St. John. You can sign up to get it via email here. We are currently writing through Colossians. They have helped me to really focus and see things I hadn’t seen before. Highly recommend!


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