Our Daughter, Injectagirl

injectagirlBecause traffic has picked up in a crazy way lately (nearly 1,500 visitors each day–which can be attributed to lots of things including wonky SEO…but I’ll take it!), I thought I’d use the opportunity to do a little promo.

I’ve written a couple things here about our youngest and her diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes. I thought I’d just throw a quick blurb up here right now, in case there are some new visitors for whom this could be an encouragement.

Last fall, our oldest daughter, who loves make up artistry, created a persona for Katie for Diabetes Awareness Month”. She became “Injectagirl, the Type 1 Superhero”, so that we could empower her, and encourage other families dealing with this challenging disease.

We took a little break from activity, but are now getting things running again. You can find videos, helpful and heart-full blog posts and more by visiting:

The Injectagirl Blog (mainly for parents)

Injectagirl YouTube Channel (with interviews, Q & A, how-to’s and more)

Injectagirl Facebook page (blog updates and video updates are posted here as well as simple day-in-the-life kinds of things)

I hope you’ll join us. Share the links with parents and kids who need some super power! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Our Daughter, Injectagirl

  1. What an incredibly empowering way to come alongside your daughter; your older daughter’s creation of a persona is equally awesome! I will be following with interest the day-by-day of her journey. Great job!

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