adornedbooksI just received these beautiful hard bound copies this morning. I was able to read the first chapter or so online while I waited for them to arrive–I can’t wait to immerse myself in more of this biblical truth that is so needed among Christian women today!

“…was it not at Calvary that our Savior took upon Himself the rags of our sin and shame, adorning us in exchange with the robes of His righteousness? Is not the cross the only source of any external beauty we may ever hope to experience or to offer other souls starved for love and loveliness?… It [Titus 2] paints for us a picture of generational wisdom flowing downhill into inexperienced hearts, where it can cycle around and back up again in a continual process of godly care and counsel.”

We need this in our churches desperately. I’m afraid we are losing a generation of up-and-coming “older women” due to several decades of being content in our churches with a superficial spirituality. We’ve trained ourselves to be satisfied with looking right, talking right, behaving right… and I feel we are on the dangerous precipice of “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof”. Consequently, we are losing our young women who are feeling disillusioned with this shallowness.

It’s time for us to go deeper (and I count myself in that age bracket of the up-and-coming) so that we may 1) experience “fulness of joy” and life “more abundantly” as God desires and 2) have something of substance to offer our younger women.

You can order the book here. 


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