My Muse is Back in the Saddle (aka The Book Has Begun!)

blogbookFriends have been encouraging me to try and write a book for a long time. There were so many factors in the way–physical challenges and life obligations, not to mention an absentee “muse”. I thought she had returned two days ago. My mind was flooded with ideas. I finally sat down with my laptop yesterday afternoon, and then our power went out because of a storm. With my computer’s very tired battery, that was a game-changer. In the distraction, Musette got scared away. But the Holy Spirit found her hiding in a corner, and I’m loving the time I can spend, now working on Chapter Two.  I haven’t got a title yet, but it will be a book for Christian women who really need encouragement working through the desire for perfection in an imperfect world. If you have ideas for what you would like to see discussed, or you are inspired with a snappy title, please comment. When a title is officially chosen, I’ll put it in the image above.

Being a pastor’s wife has sharpened my spiritual sight regarding so many things…mainly in myself. Just as getting married or becoming a mother have a way of revealing our own selfishness and areas of humility and self-sacrifice that we need to work on, even so does this role beside my husband. The book is not about pastor’s wives. It is not about anyone in our congregation, nor will it mention any scenarios or illustrations from that part of my life. It has merely sprung from what God has been teaching me about me as I muddle through my imperfect attempts at yet another facet of service for Him.

Here is a snippet from Chapter 1, entitled “Nobody’s Perfect”:

When we accept God’s gift of grace, we have a sure hope that we will experience relief from all the imperfections of this life, without and within.  Can you imagine the elation?  If ever there was a place that feels perfectly like home for the Christian, it will be Heaven. 

Have you ever noticed that when you make renovations to your house, or redecorate a room, there is always something more you would like to add to make it just right? Heaven is already perfectly perfect. In so many ways, I believe our spirits will finally relax and revel with immense gratitude for our new “dream home”. Jesus paid it all, and because of that, we will finally have the perfection we so crave.

Stay tuned for more updates as things progress. I appreciate your prayers!  It will be worth reading if the Author of my life is glorified.


2 thoughts on “My Muse is Back in the Saddle (aka The Book Has Begun!)

  1. So incredibly excited for you in this new venture. Knowing how sensitive you are to the working of the Holy Spirit and the lessons God throws your way, I am confident it will be a work that touches many hearts for His Kingdom. Will be praying you through this new journey!

  2. Thank you, Dawn. It’s hard not to wish for a Walden Pond to just disappear off grid and focus…but I know there will very likely be lessons learned in this writing process as well, which will be valuable for a chapter or two. 🙂 Thanks SO much for praying!

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