Follow. Finish.


followfinihsTrying to write this Mother’s Day post, and it just isn’t coming together. But this is the overwhelming thing I’m feeling. I see words like “remarkable”, “amazing”, and “hero” all over social media this weekend. I just want to finish well.  I want God to know I tried hard. That I wanted to show our kids by my example what it looks like when He says He is there, Jehovah Shammah. 
Truth is, most of life as a mom isn’t remarkable. It’s just doing all the un-noteworthy things faithfully. Doing all the laundry, grocery shopping, dusting, and other mundane things with sweetness. Being present. Paying attention to hearts while teaching the heads. Leaning hard. Seeing the common things which are made exquisite just because of love. Quietly valuing things no one else sees in your family’s life, because you can observe God’s fingerprints on them. And through it all, looking up.
What is most “remarkable” about me is what God can do with dust, scraped together into a trembling, hopeful, willing, loving, grateful, determined little pile. When I mess up, when faith is weak, when I feel used up…He scoots all of that back together and holds it tight in His hands and does good things with it.
Now that’s amazing.

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