“Tune My Heart”: Calm in the Midst of Life’s Storms

I love writing. Words are my love language (to me, that statement is not redundant). For years, I kept a journal. Then life got busy, and my personal, just-for-me writing…stopped. It was a way for me to “come apart and rest awhile“. I forgot how much I needed it.

God impressed on my heart a few days ago that I needed to begin again. It has been so good for me. So calming. So grounding. Do you need some of that? Read on.

Our oldest daughter has a journal/blank book addiction. 🙂  Every once in a while, she’ll share a pretty new volume with me. So I grabbed a beautiful one with gilded pages, and the words “Sing and Make Music from Your Heart to the Lord” on the front, and I started writing again. For my heart.


Inside the front cover, I wrote out a list of ladies I pray for: family ladies, all of our dear church ladies (I’m coming to believe that this is the most important thing I can do for them, as a pastor’s wife), some ladies from our little community, and missionary ladies I know. It’s been pressing on me for some time– this need to pray specifically for the souls who set the tones in their homes and shape our next generation by their influence there.

scripturewritingmarchThen, I decided that I would undertake Heidi St. John’s Scripture Writing Challenge. On each left hand page, I write out the day’s scripture. Sometimes the passages are lengthy– but OH, how wonderful this has been for focusing giving me focus. Praise chases away the cares and fears of our earthly lives, because it reminds us of the bigness of our God!

On the right hand page, I wrote the heading “Quotes and Prayers”. I come across so many wonderful quotes in looking for encouragement for the Mom’s War Room Facebook group (very soon to be renamed “Strength for Today Women’s Group” so we can include all women who want to be a part). Remembering the healing, restful effect they had upon my spirit I decided to write them all down. I also love the prayers from Valley of Vision.  It is rare for me to complete a day’s reading without finding some thought which resonates deeply in me…something I don’t want to forget. So those prayer snippets go there too.

sing3Maybe something like this might help you today. Our days are so noisy, with phones we can no longer leave at home hanging on the wall, social media which clamors for our attention and can so easily shape our outlook, and all manner of other “voices” which turn our hearts into noisy places.

I don’t know about you, but my heart is “prone to wander”. God has called us “sheep” in His word for good reason…we meander, we become distracted, we cower, we follow, and sometimes we can be stubbornly defiant. I need “tuning” all day long.

Tune our hearts, Lord!



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