My Prayer Shopping List

shoppinglistOh, I got supremely frustrated with my shopping list yesterday. I was typing it in an old version of Word, and in the middle, the program shut down and I lost it…and all the thought and mental menu planning that had gone along with it. Tried again. Lost it again. Third time’s the charm? It vaporized as I anxiously hit “print”.  Oh dear.

I’m reminded recently about how I come to God in prayer. I write down my shopping list of who needs to be healed (and sometimes I even think I know why…and even how), who needs pain removed from their lives, whose relationship needs some tweaking, who needs a new car, home, ministry…whatever the thing may be.  I think I know.

I don’t. I don’t see the grand scheme of things. I don’t see everything on a massive time line from eternity past to eternity future. I’m learning more and more than I need to give my list a drop kick and shut my mouth…and listen.  Be still.

When I do open my mouth, more and more what I am asking is “God…Your purposes…help me not to get in the way of Your purposes. Help me to know what my part is, and what it isn’t. Help me to know what to say or do…and when to keep my mouth shut. Help me to know when doing is not the answer, no matter how badly I want to fix things.  Help me to know Your word, so I understand Your thinking more and more.  So I can trust You with my ‘list’.”

The Bible says that when we have no words, the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. That’s an immeasurable comfort. If you’ve ever had a season when you are so overwhelmed, overcome, buried and pressed beyond being able to think or say anything…you know how this can embrace your soul. The breath of the Holy Spirit can blow away the bewilderment so we can see the things we know clearly. He doesn’t need your list. He simply needs your engagement to plug into His will.

“Speak Lord, for Thy servant hears.”

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