What It Sounds Like When God Pleads

“Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ ”

I don’t hear these words in a sterile, preachy, pulpit voice. I hear them in a pleading, loving, urgent voice. This message, the gospel message, is almost always out of our scope of vision as we trudge through life…until one day when it breaks forth in blazing glory and the truth is glaring, searing, inescapable, as it was when Paul met the Lord on the road to Damascus. And then, our wakening soul exclaims, “Oh! This is for me!”

The Spirit woos us…some over a few short years, while He forbears with others for decades. His message is “Please…please…you MUST be born again…there is no other escape, no other answer, nothing else to finally comfort the hunger that is gnawing at your heart. You don’t understand that you are lost…but trust me when I say you are desperately so. This is your only rescue! Please…you MUST do this if you are to escape the wrath to come. Please, dear one…come buy it “without money”…Please…accept this “free gift”…Please…it is offered to “whosoever will”…Please won’t you be “accepted in the beloved”? Please…won’t you enter into that rest you so deeply crave?”

Do you hear it now?

Hear the voice of Jesus pleading,
With His Father interceding;
Can you still His love unheeding,
Turn from Him who died for you?

O believe Him, O believe Him,
In your heart with joy receive Him;
Oh, how can you slight and grieve Him,
When He gave His life for you?

Come to Jesus, humbly kneeling;
May His voice like music stealing,
Touch within some buried feeling,
While again it pleads for you.

Oh, ye weary, faint and dying,
Who for rest are vainly sighing,
Linger not, the hours are flying;
Look to Him who died for you.

Hear the blessèd proclamation,
Precious words of consolation
Pardon, life and full salvation
Jesus offers now to you. ~Fanny Crosby


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