Handing Over the Sceptre of My Life

sceptre“And all were astonished at the majesty of God.”

When we feel awakened to the majesty of God, it is usually because we’ve viewed the splendor of His creation. A vast canopy of stars, massive mountain ranges, glorious canyons, the miracle of birth, the inexplicable transformation of caterpillar to butterfly.

What had these people seen? A healing event like no other. A hopeless case, turned hopeful.

Has it ever occurred to you that the most magnificent work God does, the best, most glittering example of His majesty, is what happens when He rules in the human heart?

Consider. Which of these things (stars, mountains, canyons, babies, butterflies…) has any other choice but to reflect His glory and power? None. But the willful human heart, desperately wicked above all things…when He takes the throne there…He shines there in a way not possible elsewhere.

You are a reflection of His majesty when others can see the power and might of His reign in your life.

Some may obey God out of fear, or simply because they wish to have His approval. Others may obey out of gratitude, because they have a real sense of owing all to Him. But the crowning glory of obedience is when we yield the throne to Him because at last we see that He alone is worthy.


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