The God of Enough

cup“You give them something to eat.”

Do you find yourself in a position today, where there is something “too big” on the to-do list?

–A job which requires more physical strength than you can summon?
–A conflict which requires more patience and compassion than you can muster?
–A weight that is pressing, squeezing the breath out of you?
–A heartache which seems so hopeless it makes you want to give up?
–An obstacle too high, too large, too looming that makes you faint just to look at it?
–A piece of baggage from your past that insists upon cleaving, clinging, sapping spiritual energy and hope from you?

Do you see that these things are allowed? They make us look outside ourselves, because our pockets are empty. When we run to other people, they stammer and reach into their own pockets to find them full of holes. And then, where are we? We are left with the only Answer…which ought to have been the first Answer…if only we would learn it.

We are put into positions like this, permitted to feel helpless. Because we are. Because He wants us to see that He is the God of Enough. Just “enough”, though? Oh, no. In these cases of feeding the multitudes, there were always leftovers gathered up. He is the God of Extravagant Grace!

Got any rivers
You think are uncrossable?
Got any mountains
You can’t tunnel through?
God specializes in
Things tho’t impossible.
He does the things
Others cannot do.

Embrace the “impossible” today!


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