Let Down Your Net

nets“And when he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

Remember that this was Peter’s profession. He knew it well. He understood when the best times were to let down the nets…and he also knew the time and energy required to gather, mend, dry, and store them. To face that whole process all over again, and for seemingly no good or profitable reason, seemed futile and perhaps even foolish to Peter. But, to make a point to an impetuous, impulsive, stubborn fisherman, you need to get him where he lives. And that is just what the Lord Jesus did.

You may wonder why certain things seem to happen to you, and not other people. Why do you have this hardship while others seem to have smooth sailing? Do you remember that Paul admonished his readers not to compare themselves among themselves? What did he say about such a practice? It is “not wise”.

So, that hard relationship, that job challenge, that financial strain, that health issue…whatever seems like a road block in your personal life…don’t look around to see if others share the same lot. This is your lot. It did not come to you by accident. It is meant “for good” (Rom 8:28) and that “good” may very well *not* be deliverance from that thing. The “good” is to become more like Jesus (Rom 8:29)…a point often overlooked in that context.

Today, look at the things God has picked to use in your life. He chose those things because they are “where you live”…you relate to them, whether you want to or not. Don’t apply your human reasoning to it. Had Peter done that, he would have refused to slip those nets back into the water. Oh, what he would have missed! We would not have this tremendous lesson of faith today for ourselves, either.

Whatever that “net” is in your life, roll it out by faith. Drop it into the waves. See what God will do with your simple act of trusting beyond your reason!


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