“The mother of my Lord”

maryandelizabeth2“And why is this granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”

This is the chapter with the famous “Magnificat” we alluded to yesterday…Mary’s prayer of praise. But preceding this, we have this small welcome and interchange between Mary and Elizabeth. And this statement.

Up until now, Mary has had few to confide in, if she sought anyone at all aside from her husband. This situation was simply too marvelous, inexplicable, and shocking. Entirely beyond human comprehension…it could also be quite volatile, depending upon who might find out.

But here is someone with whom Mary is safe. And she knows. The child in her womb knows! And probably for the first time since the angel’s announcement, Mary hears a validation from the lips of someone outside the walls of her home.

Have you ever been in a situation that was so challenging for you to fully comprehend that sometimes your mind tried to convince you it was not real…it was a dream, you imagination, a misunderstanding of some kind. I don’t know if Mary ever experienced this, but I do know she was a human being, flesh and blood like the rest of us. How could she possibly take it all in, aside from the confidence she had in the prophecies she knew?

Still. “The mother of my Lord”.

It must have taken her breath away. Five words that astonished, comforted, validated, grounded, thrilled her, perhaps even frightened her a little…all at the same time. I can’t imagine that moment. I wonder if her heart returned to those words later. Bold words. Words of truth. A phrase that connected them in their faith, in a way that no other two women were ever connected. The mother of our Lord, and the mother of His forerunner.

The wonder of it all can easily escape us, because we think we know the “Christmas story”. There is so much we’ve missed, though, in thinking about events and fulfillment, and not contemplating the hearts.

Today, as you see the smiling “Sunday faces”…ask God to help you contemplate the hearts behind them.


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