Weekly “I Want God” Post: Throw on the cleats, and limp on in!

cleatsWeekly “I Want God” post, pp. 35-37.

“….the settling of personal acceptance, growing up, and gaining wisdom that helps us no longer be interested in the claw and scratch positional jockeying of life.”

–I think I’m finally reaching this point. It’s a good feeling to snuggle down and “make peace with who God made us to be”. I’m not demure. I’m painfully candid at times. I’m not a domestic goddess.I love to write and to consider great thoughts. I think too much sometimes. I second guess a lot. I love too easily, which easily leads to hurt. But I find solace in this:

“He wants us to get past ourselves, work with whatever we have, seek Him passionately, and with whatever bundle of mess we are, just get in the game.”

Yes. That right there. Get off the sidelines of complacency. I was there. “Too sick, too tired, to overwhelmed to serve”. I had to stop being the hesitant observer (and perfectionists are prone to this) because I might never do that thing perfectly exactly right. I needed to choose, make up my mind that I would just limp onto the field and try to participate, and let God take it from there..

God might just surprise you with what He can do in your life, if you’ll only get the shifter out of “Park”!

This is the danger:

renew“Settling in happens when we believe that what we know now is what we will always know; who we are now is who we will always be. It is a mind set, a belief system.”

So true! I really believe habits of thought are much harder to break than tangible, behavioral ones. It requires a lot more determination and discipline to change your mind. God puts it this way: renew it. Not in the sense of re-checking out the same library book. That is how we often thing of “renew”…no. This is part of our offering ourselves a living sacrifice. Make it new. Refresh it. Look at things from a different perspective…His.

Let’s do that today!


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