Go Tell It On The Mountain!

shout“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

This is a change. Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus was repeatedly cautioning people not to tell anyone what He did, where He was. Why? Because He knew the heart of man. He knew there would be those who would follow only because they wanted food or healing, but would never want His message. He knew there would be others who would seek to turn Him in to the religious authorities for profit. He knew those religious authorities as well…their hearts of jealousy and envy which were driving them to seek His destruction. And, He knew what needed to be accomplished during those three years before the ultimate reason arrived, in the “fulness of time”.

But NOW. It was finished! He had conquered sin, death, and hell, and had risen from the grave! Now the ending was sealed, the grave was unsealed, the gospel story was complete! Now the message was ready to be told, spread abroad, shouted from the rooftops, and offered to every man, woman, and child! It is not biblical to keep this “good news” as a private matter. This is not mere religion we have to offer…this is life “more abundantly”!

For generations, Christians have fought for, died for, preached and lived the “old, old story”…when was the last time YOU shared it?


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