“I Want God” Weekly Post: Count Me!

hands“I Want God”, p. 34 to top of 35.

This is good to take in bite-sized pieces in order to digest (and especially for discussion purposes), but let me say I also highly recommend setting aside an afternoon if you are somehow able…and just power read it all the way through in one sitting. It packs a different punch that way, too…much like sitting down and reading a whole book of the Bible in one sitting. You get a feel for the continuity of it and the driving message.

But TODAY. Oh, the powerful reverberation….actually, it is more like Lisa is turning up the volume on this “wanting God most” idea. She wisely lets us dip our toe in, and then gradually wade in…before the shock of “going under” entirely. Because that is what we humans like. But. Have you ever gone swimming in a pool that was just a *tad* too chilly, and found how much easier it was to just plunge in, over your head? And then you could get right to enjoying the experience instead of the misery of inching…inching…inching as the cold crept up your body? Great illustration of what is going on here, right?

“We can be told a million times over that we should want God, but our flesh will convince us every time it is a lie.”

“Come on in…the water’s fine!” And we cast a doubtful glance at the blue, shimmering ripples. Everyone else is frolicking. We somehow can’t get past the idea of “cold and wet” happening at the same time…not realizing that it quickly transforms to “cool and refreshing”. When we’re bone dry, sometimes getting drenched is not very appealing. Same way with us spiritually.

“It’s the ‘I can pick this, but ooh, this is even better.”

This may sound like a trivial application, but bear with me. I took our daughters to Ross yesterday, looking to exchange I dress I had bought. In the process, we found a nice Sunday outfit for our oldest…and I spied the purses. I thought it might be nice to find something summery for the coming months. I found a straw purse which reminded me of those retro bags of my childhood, which looked somewhat like a picnic basket. Charming. Warm fuzzies. I liked it. Then I saw a gorgeous wedgewood blue-but-almost-teal satchel bag (and it was cheaper!) that just felt like “me”. I didn’t even look back. There was no comparison. I didn’t even need to hold them side by side. I was sold. Slung it on my arm and headed to the check out.

What we are talking about here is this…on a much, much higher level. This process of decision making, choosing, where we objectively evaluate all the options and finer points…and choose. Choose. No turning back. There is a momentum in this new direction. An eternal momentum, I caught in this statement:

“…the greater thing for every day in our future”

This choosing is forever. Not much lasts forever in this generation. We don’t even repair shoes and tv’s any more. Marriages disintegrate far too easily, with little effort to make things work in honor of the vow, and the One before whom it was made.

“I want to be alive in the Spirit more than I just want to make it through the day.”

This choosing…it will make a difference in everything. It will rock your world, from the day you choose and ever after. This choice is not just for today. It’s not something we “get through”…like a visit to the dentist. This is onward, open-ended commitment to a new set of values, a drastically altered list of goals.

“I want God to use me more than I want Him to use someone else who is more willing.”

I want to be the one. No more sitting on the sidelines. I want to do this. It makes me think of this powerful, final scene from the movie “Courageous”. This is focused on fathers, but the level of commitment is for all of us. Will you say “I will!” today?

When you count the ones who love the Lord,
Count me, count me;
When you count up those who trust His Word,
Count me, count me.

Count me with the children of the heav’nly King;
Count me with the servants who would service bring;
Count me with the ransomed who His praises sing;
Count me, count me.

When you count up those who’re saved by grace,
Count me, count me;
Who have found in Christ a hiding place,
Count me, count me.

When you count up those who do the right,
Count me, count me;
Who are walking in the Gospel light,
Count me, count me.

When you count up those who forward press,
Count me, count me;
Who shall gain the crown of righteousness,
Count me, count me.


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