To Die For

?????????“You leave the commandment of God and hold to the tradition of men.”

This is really the theme of the entire passage today. Why do you think God felt the need to have a lengthy discussion about this idea (and elsewhere as well)? Think about how the average church operates. We have our order of service. Our seasonal traditions. Our music of choice. Our sense of propriety regarding what should be worn, and how folks should behave themselves. Our scripture version of choice. Our decor of choice. Programs and outreaches. Stewardship committees. Social activities. Organizational methods and means in place. Even for a small church, things can get pretty complex.

Now, I ask you…how much of the above is by God’s commandment? How much is simply “the way things are done”? How much of it is *genuinely* carried on in “conviction”–something you feel is so strongly grounded in unshakable truth that you would be willing to die for it? The list gets much smaller, doesn’t it? Let’s keep that in mind as we go to worship today. Let’s not miss out on joy because someone throws a spontaneous wrench in the schedule this morning, or because a visitor sat in “your” seat, or because the flowers are not to your taste, or someone showed up in their work clothes (let’s be reasonable, friends), or there is a screaming child, or someone rearranged the nursery or kitchen, or the menu for the next social event does not suit. Let’s not allow the adversary to get a victory in these petty things. Grace.

Things that are higher,
Things that are nobler,
These have allured my sight.


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