The Game Changer

Matthew 28 today.

“So they departed quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy, and ran to tell his disciples.”

Can you just picture them? Deliriously happy, and at the same time peacefully content. The resurrection put the “seal of confidence” on every word Jesus uttered during His earthly ministry. I envision these women laughing, crying, tripping all over themselves, arms flailing, breathless, skirts fluttering, as they run!

Oh, ladies. We have this same sure hope. This same thrilling message to share. Jesus is risen! It’s not just for Easter, friends. He conquered sin and death and Hell! His victory is ours! The resurrection was a game changer. Simply compare the Peter of the gospels with the Peter of the book of Acts, and you’ll see what I mean. Is the resurrection a game changer for you and me today? There is no other religion whose God came down to die in self sacrifice for His people, was buried, and rose again. Every other religion and cult has a dead god. We serve a risen Savior…and He lives within our hearts!


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