Sleepyhead Diaries

Not me anymore!

Not me anymore!

2/3/15:Today I decided to “check my stats”, since I’m now a week into my health quest. My sweet friend Kelly (I won’t call her “my upline” or “coach” because she is so much more than that, praying with me, giving wise advice, cheering me on with tears) gave me this wise word today. Anyone else on a weight loss journey needs to hear this today:

“I encourage you to stay away from the scale. It is a liar and thief of joy. MANY testimonies of the scale not moving but inches being lost and clothes fitting better. The products work from the inside out. Pay attention to the non scale victories….improved sleep, less pain, increased energy, fewer cravings, curbed appetite, etc.”

These are not the words of someone looking for new, spectacular photos of customers to use in promoting product. These are not the words of someone wanting to make a buck and upsell stuff. These are the words of someone who genuinely wants to see me get well. I so appreciate this. What a great example of how it should be done!

AND, although I only lost a pound…there is something much bigger going on. If you asked me to write down the top things I would want to see in “results” they would be:

1. Sleep through the night
2. Get off the sleep aids (though just OTC, I did not want to be a slave)
3. End the dependence on ibuprofen to get through the day

These are all becoming reality, and quite quickly. I have had no sleep aids since I started last week, and only 2 ibuprofen on a particularly bad day with pain (but this is the girl who was, at one time, popping sometimes 8-10 a day to function). AND this morning I was dressed, have school ready for Katie, and did my exercises all before 8am, and without coffee. Doesn’t sound like much, but it is significant enough that when I came out into the living room, my husband asked if I was going somewhere today. lol


Popped out of bed like a daisy this morning…6am. Rested, ready to go…no coffee necessary (though I may have a cup just because I like it). Have a great day! Ps. 118:24


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