Passing by on Easter

Last Sunday we attended a performance of “Master Mender” in Salt Lake. It is what is more commonly known as a Passion Play, depicting the life of Christ. The play was thought provoking, and by all indications there were some who responded for salvation afterwards. But it isn’t the play that has been reverberating in my mind, as much as I love to tell the story of the power of the Resurrection.


A couple of the young people from the church group with “Jesus”.

After the performance, we made our way with hundreds of others to the lobby. There, we passed by the leper who had been made whole. We passed by Jairus’ daughter…out of costume, in jeans and pigtails, no doubt looking for her parents. We passed by a centurion or two, still formidable in size, even without their Roman armor.  And there, by the main doors, in the center of the lobby, was Jesus.

The man they cast as Jesus has been playing the role for a number of years, I understand. He did well in portraying the balance between passion, love, righteous indignation, and even the grief and pleading in the Garden of Gethsemane. His smile was engaging and warm. His demeanor inviting.

As we approached, our 8 year old daughter said she wanted to meet him. I took her hand and proceeded in the direction of where he was, posing for photo ops with those who had attended. She stopped. No. She changed her mind.  Wait. Yes, she wanted to meet him. Then again, no. She was too shy.

In the end, we passed by “Jesus” in the lobby that night. I smiled at him as we made our way to the door.  And now I am thinking of this:

“Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted me in the day of his fierce anger.” Lamentations 1:12

There are many who will walk by the Savior all their lives. They do not even turn to look in His direction.

The old prophet Jeremiah was weeping
As he sat by the side of the way
He had cried, he had preached, he was broken
Though he tried they ignored him that day

Oh is it nothing to you that Jesus loves you
Is it nothing to you that He would die
Is it nothing that He offers salvation
Is it nothing to you who pass by ?

Though the years pass people still shun the message
Then God sent them His beloved Son
On a cross Jesus died to redeem them
They rejected God’s love one by one.

Still ignored by many hearts is the Savior
Jesus died He left heaven for you
Turn aside, hear the Lord, He will save you
Trust the Savior His word is still true.

Our little girl was intimidated to meet this “celebrity” (who in real life is an eye doctor). But she has met the Savior. She made a profession of faith two summers ago, and by all appearances it seems to be the real thing. I suspect on that day, whenever it may be, when she truly meets Him face to face, she’ll revel in the “luster of His kindly beaming eye” instead of shying away. Instead of debating whether or not she’d like to see Him up close, she (with the rest of us) will be bursting with eagerness to hug Him, look into His face, and tell the story, “Saved by Grace!”

How about you today? Is Jesus nothing to you on this Good Friday? Do you go a step further, as I did in my teens, and mock those who choose to celebrate the risen Christ over the Easter bunny? Come to Him today. His arms were spread wide for you that day on the cross, and they remain so today…to welcome you, just as you are.  Find out more by clicking here. If you have questions, please message me.



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