Walk With Me?

readbibleI’ve started a group on Facebook for ladies to support one another while doing our best to read through the Bible in 2014. It’s free. 😉   I’ve been terrible at achieving this goal in recent years, getting distracted by an idea, or bogged down in researching a particular verse…instead of looking for GOD in those pages. Do you need some help to make your goal this year?  Come join us!

We are using this book (which was offered free for Kindle, but is only $1.99 now). The book is not necessary to join us!  I will post the reading schedule each week, and a little summary post each Friday of some thoughts or encouragement from the reading thus far. Questions, comments, prayer requests, insights are all welcome!

We’ll hold each others’ hands while we walk through the genealogies, just to make sure no one gets lost along the way.  😉

We launch tomorrow, already 40 members strong.We’d love to have you as part of “Daily in the Word” (click those blue words to go to the page)!

Click here to purchase the book, “A Woman’s Guide to Reading Through the Bible in a Year”.

Click here to get the free Kindle reader for pc! (You don’t have to have a Kindle!) OR

Click here to get the free Kindle app for Android!

Don’t have a Bible? Find one here:

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