Over Easy: Why I had to bake an apple pie.

applesmileI asked my Sweetie to pick up apple pie fixins yesterday because my last attempt was not impressive due to my own distraction. We have pumpkin and peach already baked, but apple is his favorite. He said I didn’t have to make it. I told him that yes, I did.

Having chronic illness has a way of clarifying the way we see life. It brings mortality to the forefront as we are reminded daily of the frailty of our flesh. We are all frail…it’s just that some of us have more frequent reminders. None of us knows if we’ll have next Thanksgiving Day. Not one of us.

So, yes, I had to make an apple pie.

Yes, it was worth peeling all those teeny apples who were the sole survivors of the grocery shopping rush at WalMart yesterday.

Yes, it was worth it to do it with Katie, even though that meant it all went a little slower and a lot messier. She put the smile on the top crust. 🙂

We’ll savor every bite. This Thanksgiving, put love in every dish. Value those around your table. Hug tighter. Be the last to let go. Marvel at how very rich you are.


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