Sunday Hymnary: “God of Heaven” by Heather Sorenson


God of Heaven, God of all the earth and sky.
Great Creator, Master of all nature.
Who gives birth to snow from heaven,
Holds the waves at ocean’s edge,
Gives the orders to the morning,
Shows each dawn its place to shine?
God of Heaven, God of all the earth and sky.

God of Ages, God who wrote the Book of Time.
Sovereign Ruler, Alpha and Omega.
Saints before, He’s guided safely.
History’s pages signed by Him.
Author of our days and hours;
Things to come are held secure.
God of Ages, Alpha and Omega.

God of Power!  God who breaks the darkness.
Righteous Warrior, Champion of His children,
Goes before us into battle;
Good and evil bow to Him,
Those in bondage freed forever,
Victories won at  His command!

God who heals us, God who gives us peace and hope.
God who listens, Carries all our fragile
Dreams and heartaches, wins and failures;
Binds the broken; hides the weak.
New beginnings freely offered;
Who can make us whole again?
God who heals us, God of Power,
God of Ages, God of Heaven,
God of all the earth and sky.

Heather Sorenson (composer/writer) explains how ‘God of Heaven’ came about:

“The piece “God of Heaven” was a personal response to my morning devotions a couple months ago. Something that I have been actively working on is to shift my relationship with God from a “give me/bless me/help me” vending machine to learning and knowing who God is. As I was reading through the book of Job during a particularly difficult week, I was hit with the fact that God’s response to Job did not include the solutions that I always ask for. God’s words to Job didn’t specifically offer the hope and comfort that I often beg God for in difficult times. God’s response in Job 38-41 was to show who He is. As I moved on to the rest of my day, I sat down to write a completely different song, but I was so moved by who God is, that “God of Heaven” came out instead. I pray that this piece will bless both your choir and your congregation as you continue to build your relationship with God your Father.”

Purchase SATB arrangement of this beautiful piece by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Hymnary: “God of Heaven” by Heather Sorenson

  1. It is on a BJU Singers CD called “Promises” and David Parker’s CD “How Deep the Father’s Love,” if you can find them on a site that plays samples.

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