The Cherry On Top

sundaeWell, I’ve been faithful with my routine of supplements and homeopathics.  Things were going swimmingly, my temp was nearly normal for about 5 days. And then the whole thing seemed to start all over.  I felt like I’d taken 6 Benadryl, my lymph system was painfully crammed with concrete, and my temp climbed over 100 again. *sigh*  Three steps forward, two steps back.  Looking forward to being done with the “two step”. 😉

Went to our chiropractor on Friday. He has very good insight.  He asked what the last week had looked like and pointed out that I had been exposed to our youngest daughter’s 24hr virus, I had just begun megadosing on Ester C, my sleep patterns had changed drastically (up by 6am every day to get our daughter to work, and then late nights with the kids who never seem to want to go to bed, esp when Daddy’s gone).  He said just the first two factors would be enough to cause my immune system to hyper-mobiIlize.  Then having less rest (which is crucially important right now) and the stress of having my husband gone on a wilderness hike for the week just put the cherry on top.

Makes sense.

So, Laying v-e-r-y low right now, living in my jammies which don’t compress any areas where the lymph glands are…and even then, the waist band was bugging my liver yesterday, drinking tons of water, taking more Ester C, drinking cleansing tea, drinking more water.  I slosh. 😉  My sweetie picked up more Shakeology for me as well.  My body craves that stuff.  I can almost hear it say “Ahhhhhhh” when I drink it.

So, Lord willing, I am on the upswing.  God is good. Very good and patient, and this has not been time wasted.


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2 thoughts on “The Cherry On Top

  1. Hi Diane…
    I’m sorry you’re having a rough go. I definitely am lucky….don’t have the temp swings or lymph problems. My EBV manifests itself more in lack of motivation, depression (which I’ve never experienced) and a general sense of malaise. Rest has been hard during the summer. I look forward to school starting in 2 weeks.

    Just thought I’d share my treatment, which I think has been helping. My ND has me on 1800 mg of monolaurin 3x per day. After two months (it’s been a month so far) she will put me on transfer factors to boost the immune system and kill the hidden virus. She seems to have really good success with treating EBV. Will let you know how things progress. Prayers for you! Loved the Ann Voskamp post…..had just read it that morning before you posted it!

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