Sunday Respite: “…even carry you…”

foot-printsThis is just a scrap of a text I was listening to in the car yesterday.   It comprises the ideas from several different scriptures, all together.

Fear not, I am with you,

You need never be afraid…

For I am your God.

I will walk with you,

Even carry you,

I will hold you in my hand,

I will hold you in my hand.

Many of us are familiar with the poem, “Footprints” which was popularized, I believe, some time back in the 70’s.  The problem with things like this which become popular is that we become overly familiar…”Oh, that.”

Think.  Emmanuel. God with us! WITH us!  God said we’d never be left or forsaken.  At the ascension, Jesus reassured His followers that He would be with them, even unto the end of the world.

We need not fear.  He is beside us.  If we stumble, He will pick us up, even carry us.  Like the toddler with unsteady step, He offers His hand to help us navigate this sin-cursed world.  We are not alone.  Praise His name!


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