Sunday Hymnary: “O Lord, Enlarge Our Scanty Thought” by John Wesley

oldhymnalIt feels good to begin posting hymn texts again.  For so long it seems, I had allowed disappointments and the failings of human kind to rob me of the song in my heart.  God has given it back to me, and so, here I am. 🙂

This past week, I read an installment from “Valley of Vision” called “The Infinite and the Finite” which, when I was researching, led me to this wonderful hymn text. I hope both will be a blessing to you this Lord’s Day.

O Lord, enlarge our scanty thought
To know the wonders thou hast wrought;
Unloose our stammering tongues, to tell
Thy love immense, unsearchable.

What are our works but sin and death,
Till thou thy quickening Spirit breathe?
Thou giv’st the power thy grace to move:
O wondrous grace! O boundless love!

How can it be, thou heavenly King,
That thou shouldst us to glory bring;
Make slaves the partners of thy throne,
Decked with a never-fading crown?

Hence our hearts melt, our eyes o’erflow,
Our words are lost; nor will we know,
Nor will we think of aught beside,
My Lord, my Love is crucified!

First-born of many brethren thou;
To thee, lo! all our souls we bow;
To thee our hearts and hands we give;
Thine may we die, thine may we live!


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