This is the way, walk ye in it…

We’ve been on this journey for a long time.  It may seem like a little less than two months, but God has been at work for many years to bring us to this point where my husband has been called to be the new “Parson from Farson.”

“And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying , This is the way, walk ye in it , when ye turn to the right hand , and when ye turn to the left.” ~Isaiah 30:21

We first met the faithful folks from Farson, Wyoming, years ago when we were living in Pinedale.  We filled in a few times, here and there.  Since that time we’ve helped a couple of other small churches in Missouri as well as back in Wyoming.  When Eden Valley Baptist found themselves in a pastor search again, my husband was contacted to fill in.  I learned yesterday that he was actually on the bottom of the list of potential speakers, because they knew he would come whenever needed.  Probably the best reason ever for being at the bottom of a list. 😉  But God had other ideas.

We went the first week. A couple aside comments were made about how it would be great if Patrick was a candidate.  The next week, the same thing.  The third week, more direct questions were asked. The fourth week (we discovered yesterday), a young mom in the church called one of the men in leadership after we’d been there for lunch.  She said, (I’m paraphrasing), “We have a problem.  We don’t have Patrick Heeney’s resume.”  The people began to ask if we could be considered.  We began to pray for very, very clear leading.  Unmistakable leading.  Then one of the men (during the morning announcements where there was talk about plans for bringing in future candidates) directly said before the congregation, “…but if Patrick would just go ahead and put in his resume, we probably wouldn’t have to worry about all of this.” 🙂

That was two weeks ago.  Patrick had to set out for Salt Lake for ASE classes Monday morning.  On his way through Farson, he dropped off his resume at the post office where the wife of one of the church men works.  We found out afterwards that only ten minutes before Patrick came by, a deacon’s wife had stopped by the post office to deliver a message: “Please tell your husband that we think we should hold off on considering other candidates, and pray that Patrick submits his resume.”

“And it shall come to pass, that before they call , I will answer ; and while they are yet speaking , I will hear.” ~Isaiah 65:24

God’s leading has been clear.  We had a beautiful  lunch after yesterday’s morning service, and then a question and answer time.  God blessed as my husband gave clear, direct, transparent answers.  The vote was conducted, and the result was unanimous (which I had prayed for).  My husband has said through this journey that a pastorate is nothing to be grasped hastily.  God has tenderly handed us this opportunity.  We are excited about what He will do.  Already over the past few weeks, He has increased attendance from about a dozen folks, to over 50 yesterday.  Our hearts are overwhelmed.  Lives are changing.  God has been working during our visits as well as while we are away (we’ll transition over there over the next several weeks).  A teen girl was saved a week ago, because a dear lady in the church cared enough to speak with her.  Couples are expressing an interest to join. Fearful hearts are learning to trust again.  Brethren, pray for us.

The town of Farson is small…the area has less than 700 population (it is so small it is grouped together with a neighboring town called “Eden”).  We love small towns and wide open spaces.  We love Wyoming (we’ve lived here nearly 15 years) and do not mind being “remote.”  God has provided so beautifully for us, too.  Here are some photos of our new home for you to enjoy:


4 thoughts on “This is the way, walk ye in it…

  1. Thank you Barbara. 🙂 Yes, this is where Mark and Diane were. She has welcomed me into the “Mrs. Parson from Farson Club”. 🙂

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