Book Review: “Created to be His Help Meet” by Tim Challies

I am posting links to both parts of this book review over at the Challies blog.  Comments are closed.  Debate on the Pearls, in my experience, has never led to one side or the other making a concession. I will not invite contention in the name of “contenting for the faith”…they are two different things.

I think these reviews put a spotlight on some important issues.  No, I don’t think the book is entirely without merit, but I do believe there are much better, grace-wielding choices.  One of these is Happily Married by Debi Pryde.  Click here to see info on that.  Tim Challies mentions some other books in the second post, by authors that I have come to trust (I am hesitant on “The Excellent Wife” however, mainly because of the way the roles of husbands and wives are portrayed).

Click here to read Part 1 of this blog post, and here to view Part 2.