Sunday Respite: The Saints’ Privilege and Profit by John Bunyan (1628-1688)

Since God has prepared himself
a lamb, a sacrifice,
a priest, a throne of grace,
and has bid thee come to him,
come to him as there sitting;
come, come boldly, as he bids thee.

What better warrant canst thou have to come,
than to be bid to come of God?
When the goodman himself bids the beggar come to his house,
then he may come,
then he may come boldly;
the consideration of the invitation doth encourage.

That we have our friend at court, should also make us come boldly.

What can be
more plain,
more encouraging,
more comfortable
to them that would obtain mercy, ‘and find grace to help in time of need’?

It is a
dishonour to God,
disadvantage to thee,
and an encouragement to Satan,
when thou hangest back, and seemest afraid to ‘come boldly unto the throne of grace.’


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