Yes, I’m Still Alive

I am still alive and kickin’. 🙂  As I mentioned before, I always get discouraged with how my weight fluctuates depending on meds, time of month, etc.  So I have not been using the scale.  Folks tell me I need to weigh myself because it is apparent to them that something is happening.  I’ve always been one to prefer to go by how my clothes feel (and how I feel) rather than by what the scale says.  My clothes are indeed looser in the waist. I got back on the caffeine, and I’m feeling that.  Plan to back off and increase my water intake, esp with summer upon us.

Just so you know I’m still around, if you subscribed to this blog. 😉  But I won’t be having any sensational weekly weigh-ins.  Just not my style…and makes for a really boring blog, too.  My apologies.

If you’re in this battle, too…do what helps you succeed.  If public accountability helps you, go for it.  If taking monthly photos works…do it.  If tossing all your outgrown clothes helps, then burn those bridges (uh…britches). 😉  If buying a special “target size” outfit aids in motivating you, by all means go to the mall!  Just make sure your motivation is right.

People make the mistake of losing weight for someone else, or for their own self esteem.  I’m here to encourage you to do it for your health.  Do it because it is the right way to take care of the temple God has given you, on loan.  Do it so you can be present and engaged in your family life.  Do it for the everlasting perks, not mere temporal ones like gaining acceptance, or looking svelte for a reunion or other special event.  If those things drive you, you’ll sink back into old habits soon afterwards.

My first verse to memorize when I took Spanish in college was this:

“Todo lo puedo en Cristo, que me fortalece.” Filipenses 4:13

“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)  It has stuck with me ever since.

This goes way beyond positive thinking, visualization, and the “little engine that could.”  This is empowerment, necessary fortitude, outside of myself.  I have to have that, because there are days (weeks…) when I don’t have what it takes to deny myself.  I like the “easy button”…I want all my train track to go downhill.  God has promised His assistance when we are wanting to lovingly obey.  As any growing Christian will tell you, these challenges are much bigger than just the numbers on the scale.  There is internal renovation of the heart taking place, not just of the stomach. 🙂


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