Sometime, Somewhere, Someplace When You Least Expect It…

I've lost one of these hand weights!

No, this isn’t a plug for the old “Candid Camera” show. Every once in a while God chooses to delight us by leaving His fingerprints somewhere, or showing His presence in an even bigger way in the most perfect (and sometimes most unlikely) of timing.

In the midst of a challenging day yesterday, enduring all the throes of menopausal monthly cramping-jazzy joints-migraine-exhaustion mayhem, I had the crazy notion to step on the scale.  I just dragged it out and stepped on, without even thinking of what I was wearing and how it might contribute to the numbers.  Do you do that?  Weigh right after a shower, because you don’t know how much those clothes and extra dead skin cells might weigh in? 😉

Well, I forgot that the scale was on the bad spot of the floor (there are warped areas under the bathroom tile that skew the operation of the thing), and the first numbers indicated a 25 lb gain!  I knew that was way too much to be real, so I moved to scale to the center of the floor and stepped on again, holding my breath and expecting another gain (but smaller) because I always retain fluid during these auspicious days, and I had some salty food for dinner the night before.

I stepped on, watched the numbers fidget, and they landed on new, lower numbers.  With all my skin cells included!  Three pounds down at last. With no logical reason for the timing except that my Father knew what a blessing it would be to me.  On this go-round I am seeing weight loss as much more about my relationship with Him than counting calories.  Practicing His presence in all things.  I’m glad He chooses to use even the mundane to point my gaze back to Him.


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