Jeans Shmeans

I love jeans.  They’ve been a favorite garment of mine since the day I was allowed to wear them.  Never been a fan of dress slacks or khakis.  It’s jeans for this gal forevermore. Probably even if I reach 80. 🙂

Well, I had busted the knee out on my last pair and I had told myself I’d pressure myself into losing weight by not buying a new pair…because I hate to walk around looking shabby.  I have some in the next two sizes down, patiently twiddling their pockets in my closet.

Well.  I patched the knee, and I have a disdain for patches.  And the weight is not coming off like I’d like, in spite of watching my carbs and counting calories. Then I got sick for nearly 2 weeks.

I decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair of jeans to tide me over.

With trepidation, I grabbed 5 pairs of jeans in my size…2 of them from the teen section (gasp…I was feeling brave).  Last time I did that, I got one pair that sorta fit.  The rest were discouragingly tight.  I was pretty irked.  This was my size!  I had been betrayed by denim crafters, one and all!

So…I tried on the jeans.  No wrestling!  They all fit.  Even the teen ones that I decided were a little too low-rise-bell-bottomy “hip” to look right on me.  It was a delightful experience to have all of them to choose from.  I needed the encouragement, and was so grateful for it!  It rather helped me not to feel as defeated as I might have, after choosing to renege on my vow to myself.  God has pity on 50-year old gals who hyperventilate and/or nervously hold their breath in unfriendly, fluorescently-lit dressing cubicles in discount stores.

The jeans have a little stretch.  Very comfy.  Nice, darker indigo.  There are no weird gaps or “pulls,” and the pockets are in the right spot and they’re not full of bling.  I think this pair will get me over the hump and into the ones closer to my goal size.

Yay.  And the icing on the cake (how ironic on a diet blog, right?) was that my husband said he wasn’t surprised that they all fit.  He’d noticed that some things were changing, in spite of what the silly scale says.

Double yay. 🙂


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