Grace Motivated Dieting

Just passing on a link here for an article that was in my Facebook newsfeed yesterday.  Some excellent food for thought.  Very bad pun intended. 😉

Here’s a taste (another bad pun, brilliantly executed) :

Food shouldn’t consume all of our thoughts and conversations, and our decisions aren’t grounds for judging others. A self-righteous dieter—whether low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, Atkins, Weston Price, or Weight-Watchers—is just another Pharisee, destined to frustrate and annoy far more than convince those around him. Hold your convictions about food gently and loosely, recognizing (as Paul did with the Corinthian church) that it’s an area open to a variety of convictions.

Food is tempting. Exercise is not. And change is slow. Keep this in mind as you try to make real and lasting change.

Click here to go read.


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