A Time to Weigh…A Time to Refrain from Weighing

You may disagree with me on this.  You are welcome to.  I do not weigh myself religiously each week.  There are especially the weigh ins at “that time of the month” that I will deliberately forgo.  If you don’t know why, bless your heart.

I’ve been on a lot of pain meds this week.  Even though I’ve been good in not snacking and refraining from goodies, my feet are very, very squishy (they feel like two zip lock bags filled with Jello inside when I stand on them) and I can tell in my hands and face as well that I’ve got at least a pitcher of water sloshing around inside me.  If I want to set myself up for defeat, I should go step on the scale.


I confess it makes me struggle some because I like regimen and organization…but I don’t want the fallout.  For me, it’s the better part of wisdom even though it is not very gratifying and I was looking forward to stepping on the scale to celebrate.  Good things come to those who wait to weigh. 😉

So, I’ll drink my water today, and keep on pluggin’!

Update:  I checked anyway. Just couldn’t stand it.  Took a deep breath, prayed a little prayer.  There is only a 1 lb gain.  Grateful.  That’ll be gone very soon!


2 thoughts on “A Time to Weigh…A Time to Refrain from Weighing

  1. Your cartoon made me LOL! I totally understand where you are coming from. I can see where the increase on the scale could because of water retention could cause a fallout. You are wise to know what your triggers are. :O) For me the opposite is true. If I see the water gain it helps keep me kicked in gear for the next week. Although, to see a loss does that too. Keep on keeping on, dear friend!

  2. I think you are more resilient than I am…perhaps when I get down the road a little further, as you are, I will do better. 🙂 I could hardly get my rings on. Oy.

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