H 2 Oh!

Did you know your brain is 90% water?  Yeah, I know…sounds like the punch line for a great joke somehow; but it is true.  Your body is comprised of nearly 50% water.  If you do not get enough H20, you should not be surprised if you are a little fuzzy in the head, have joint pain, or feel tired!

With the rising popularity of Starbucks, Red Bull, Keurig machines and other caffeine-packed beverages, which are diuretics (among other things…I predict the next generation will not only be deaf but will also be more obese than the current one because of what they are currently doing to their adrenals!), it is more important than ever to make sure you are genuinely hydrated.

You need water to rid your body of toxins.  At the risk of getting too detailed, I’ll just say that a good rule to go by is if, when you use the restroom, you are looking at something that appears to look like strong lemonade–or worse, like Tang–you are not hydrated enough.  The liquid should be either very pale yellow or even lighter.  That’s free. 😉

Also did you realize that when you think you are hungry, you might in actuality be thirsty?  We all need to learn to listen to our bodies better. Try a glass of water first.  See if, 20 minutes later, you still feel that growly feeling.

Mayo Clinic says that the average water intake for women is 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day. Exercise (because you lose water via breathing and perspiration) may cause a need to increase that intake.  Also note that fruits and veggies count toward part of our fluid intake…obviously some more than others.  It is best to get the majority of your fluid from sources that are low in calories.

There is some disagreement about the healthiest sources of water.  Many enjoy bottled water.  Some say the plastics leach chemicals into the water.  Tap water is best when purified in some way.  If it is not sterile all on its own (should be boiled for medicinal purposes like neti pots), it should make us think.  Water from the spigot also contains chlorine and often fluoride, among other things, and there are concerns about the residue of  drugs as well (many prescriptions are not entirely used by the body and pass out of it in waste…and our water treatment plants may not be “catching” all of it).  Oy.  We are blessed to be on a well, we have a reverse osmosis filter, and I use a Brita pitcher.  Yeah, I take my water pretty seriously!

So, just some pointers on the perks and pitfalls of hydration or the lack thereof.  I leave you with a song from my childhood.  I’ll apologize now. 😉


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