Cookie Dough Crisis

Have you noticed that the majority of my posts thus far have some kind of food in the title?  Isn’t it interesting how “dieting” makes us into foodies overnight? 😉

Well, I have to give praise to the Lord.  Chocolate chip cookie dough (not the ice cream…the real stuff, like when you bake cookies) is a favorite of mine.  Yes, I know you are not supposed to eat it “raw”…but who cares about that? Do you pay attention to that big, bad salmonella warning?  Tell the truth.

I baked some cookies for my husband for his birthday.  It was the pre-fab cookie dough.  It smelled lovely.  In the past I would have tossed one of those wads of sugary wonder in my mouth without thinking twice.  Not last night.  I was sorely tempted (my college room mate and I used to mix up a batch of dough just for the dough’s sake…that tells you how bad we were!).  But I had been trying so hard to make good choices and I knew if I caved in, it would lead to a string of justifications and compromises.   Socrates’ admonition to “know thyself” is very wise advice to folks like us.

I could not let some smushed together sugar, butter, vanilla, flour and chocolate chips be the weak links in my healthy chain!  So, I plopped those blobs on the cookie sheet, jammed the thing in the oven, tossed the rest of the dough in the fridge and s-k-e-e-d-a-d-d-l-e-d out of that room!  Very much like Joseph when he ran from the temptation with Potiphar’s wife, only what I left behind was not my coat, but the dough residue on the spoon I was using!

Sometimes we have to either remove ourselves from temptation or we have to excise the temptation from us.  If you are in a car coming up to a red light, and you see the entrance to DQ is so very handy there, then scoot that car into the left lane, kiddo.  If you have just begun your weight loss journey and there are taboos in your kitchen cabinet, maybe you just need to bag ’em up and kick ’em to the curb.  I mean, how embarrassing would it be to go back out there and root through that bag with your neighbors, passersby, and sundry stray cats watching you?  Remove your self, or remove the stuff.  Get honest with yourself.  The longer you dawdle in the presence of temptation, the easier it becomes to summon up excuses.  Beg God for help.  In His weakness, we are strong.  This is one of my favorite song texts:

When living life for Jesus Christ become too hard a task,
When obedience means sacrifice that seems too much to ask;
That’s when I learn that my own strength isn’t really strength at all,
And I find rest in humbleness when I surrender all.

When failures in my human strength have weakened all my pride,
And ruined hopes in fallen dreams have crumbled me inside;
It’s then by grace I fin’lly see the strength of Jesus Christ,
His victory is real in me when weakness fills my life.

In my weakness He is strong;
In my need He leads me on.
When I come to the end of all I am,
And I place my trust in Him;
That’s when His strength begins –
In my weakness.

This is on a very favorite CD of mine, which can be purchased (and  you can listen to samples) by clicking here.

If you are fighting this battle on your sheer will power alone, you will fail.  You need the Savior to stamp out sin.  Please see the “Trust Christ” video in the right side bar, or contact me if you have questions.  I would love to help!


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