This is the Ticket!

I couldn’t wait to post this.  I could tell this morning that I felt better, and that the bloating in my tummy had gone down considerably.  I just had to weigh myself, even after the discouragement earlier this week.  I had actually gained past my start weight while trying to count calories.  As in, 3 pounds worth.  Which set me back 8 pounds total.  Yoiks.  I was miffed, but I had a pretty good idea what the culprit was.  Wheat.  My body doesn’t like it much, and if you’ve ever tried to go without it, you soon discover that it (like sugar) is in everything in some form or other.

Well, Tuesday afternoon I began to come to this realization, so I cut wheat altogether.  This morning my middle was recognizably less “poofie”  (my 5 year old’s word), and I just had to weigh in.  When I went to step on the scale, I was so delighted to see that I am now 2 lbs under my start weight!  I could hardly believe this resounding confirmation.  Thank you, God.

I struggled the past few days, being surrounded by cookies, birthday cake, spaghetti and garlic bread, and cupcakes.  I needed this encouragement!

This may or may not be an issue for you.  I know it is with me.  My next step was to eliminate dairy and see if that was doing something.  A careful elimination diet (subtracting the suspected offender) can be very helpful sometimes.


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