Go You Chicken Fat, Go!

If you grew up in the 60’s or 70’s, you may have enjoyed doing this little gem at school, for PE class.  It’s really not a bad little workout.  Twice through gets you nearly 15 minutes of exercise.  My kids do this for school PE here at home periodically.  We may just need to do it as a family project.

Try it!  You might like it!

This workout reminds me a lot of circuit training.  Parts of it I am unable to do right now, but may be able to do later on.  High impact stuff like jumping jacks is tough on my knees, which have some damage from autoimmune issues.  We’ll see.  If you need something more gentle, try swimming (if that fits into your lifestyle…it doesn’t for me at this point), or Wii Fit (ours has lots of fun exercises from yoga to karate to step aerobics).  I confess, though, there are some days I’m just not in the mood for that little voice that says, “Oh!” when I step on the Wii balance board…even if he says it to my 5 year old as well, it’s hard not to take personally. 😉

Walking is an excellent choice of exercise, especially for someone who is out of training and out of shape.  It is not as strenuous as jogging (which seems to be everyones go-to plan when they decide to get in shape) and is much friendlier to the body.  Slow and steady wins the race kids.  The point is, get moving.  Stationary bikes are easy, too.  This is the time of year that everyone has gotten some piece of “equipment” or other that will show up at a yard sale sometime soon (we’ve concluded that no yard sale is complete without one).  I’ve found that the simpler something is, the more I am apt to do it regularly.  Aside from the Wii Fit, the fanciest gizmo I have is a set of light hand weights.  Figure out something to do to get moving…even if it is just parking further away from the store, and choosing the stairs versus the escalator or elevator.

Nerd Fact:  Did you know that the best way your lymph system (responsible for “taking out the trash” in your circulatory system…including cancer cells) stays cleared is through physical movement?  That means toxins ferment in your body every minute (or hour) that you are being a couch potato!  Get up and move, for your health.  Also, as you increase muscle mass you will burn fat cells more efficiently.

So….why are you still sitting there? 😉


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