Wheat Tweak

I am thinking I need to remove wheat altogether for at least a while.  My wheat consumption has gone up since I started my new regimen, and some extraneous symptoms that I have are either not changing at all or are actually worse.  Swelling in the fingers, some skin irritation, retention of fluid, some jazzy joints.  So we’ll bid adieu to wheat for awhile and see how that affects things.  It has actually made me gain some weight back this past week.  Grrrrrrr….

No worries.  This is familiar territory for me.  Some years ago, I did a diet for my health that eliminated all grains.  That was crazy, and it is very difficult to live that way; but with the “gluten free” craze this past year, there are a lot more options than when I did this years ago, so that is a blessing.

So the bad news is I gained weight back, even though I’ve cut back on intake.  The good news is I’m pretty sure what the problem is. 🙂

I will survive!


6 thoughts on “Wheat Tweak

  1. Wheat has been an issue with my daughter for many years and we didn’t discover it until 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. She has been on a wheat/gluten free diet and has done so much better. Her car-sickness is gone. Her colon is much better unless she cheats, and it doesn’t have to be very much. She still struggles with bloating, but no where near as bad. She has no more trouble with aching joints and muscles that hurt to the point that she had to crawl because walking was to painful. I have yet to understand why her body is rejecting the wheat when God gave us the food for us to eat. There must be something being done to the wheat that her body can’t digest it. She eats bread with no gluten made with brown rice, garbanzo beans, and other non-gluten flours and starches. It has been hard at times, but she feels so much better. That makes it all worth it.

  2. I appreciate the frustration when you gain when you should be losing. Glad you mentioned that. I have kept to my plan pretty well and exercised consistently since starting, yet I too have gained a few pounds. I’ve been here before. As a diabetic, when your blood sugar gets in better control as mine has the last few days, you gain weight. For a bit. I have to remember that the goal is health, not quick results, and not get demoralized when I know this is the best route to take. 😛

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