There’s a Hole in My Jeans

The motivation that kicked me into motion occurred yesterday.  I knelt by the wood stove to stoke the fire, and the left knee of my jeans split.  On purpose I have not bought new jeans, because I refuse to buy another pair in this size (3 sizes larger than my regular size).  So, this was the moment of truth.  I got out the patching material and sealed up the beginning split (because I’m not stylish enough to wear holes in my jeans on purpose), and then pinched my lips together and thought.

What do I do?  Shrug my shoulders and get a new pair?  Nope.  Know why?  Because I happen to know there are at least a half dozen pairs of perfectly good jeans in various sizes twiddling their thumbs (okay, twiddling their pockets?) on my shelves and in my dresser drawers.  I’m too cheap to buy a new pair.  I’m also too stubborn.  So, I might look a bit raggedy for awhile.  Love me anyway. 🙂


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