Over Easy: Half a Century Reminiscing

When I scan back over the years, these are things I remember:

  • Taking a break from the school day to see the Apollo 8 broadcast
  • No color TV, no remote controls
  • No VCR, which meant if you missed the Charlie Brown Christmas special, you waited until next year!
  • Party lines, and rotary dial telephones
  • Terrific old candies like Teaberry gum, Bottle Caps, Razzles, candy dots (you know, on the long strip of paper), and wax soda bottles with “juice” in them
  • Playing  with Chinese jump ropes, Clackers, Duncan yo-yo’s, and Malibu Barbies
  • The bi-centennial celebration in Philadelphia, complete with tall ships crowding the harbor
  • Davey and Goliath, Astro Boy, Ultra Man, Kimba the White Lion, Kukla, Fran and Ollie, Captain Kangaroo…
  • New school clothes for school and every Easter (hats and gloves!)
  • No computers until I learned BASIC in high school…and we had to dial up to a mainframe at Lehigh University!
  • Cell phones were the stuff of Star Trek episodes.  We thought “bag phones” were high tech!
  • Pixie, Dorothy Hamill, shag, and Farrah Fawcett hair styles (ugh)
  • LP’s and 45’s with those little plastic adapter thingies
  • Lava lamps
  • Decor fads in the form of mushrooms, smilies, footprints, all things harvest gold, brown, rust and avocado…and later was the country blue and mauve phase, complete with geese (what was up with that?)
  • Fashion fads (and I’d be a rich lady if I still had some of this stuff…what goes around comes around, no matter how awful it was on the first go): bell bottoms, hip huggers, peasant blouses, glittery belts and nail polish (well, everything glittered it seemed), clogs and platform shoes, choker necklaces, puka shells, mood rings, maxi skirts, vinyl boots, gauchos, sequined tshirts…oh, those years were replete with disasters!
  • TV dinners were sensational!
  • We had no microwave (remember the first ones that were half the size of your fridge?) or even a clothes dryer (though such luxuries were available then)
  • Brownie cameras, Instamatic cameras, Polaroid cameras with the funny smelling film
  • Studebakers and old Chevy station wagons (and drive in movies lying on the top of said wagon)…I remember our first car with a/c…a Monte Carlo
  • Saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” in school, with a moment of silent prayer afterwards

Reminisce with me.  What do you remember?


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