North to Alaska

Ketchikan Harbor

I’ll be offline for about a week, beginning Wednesday.  My husband and I will be traveling to Ketchikan, Alaska, for a ladies retreat (I am speaking, and Patrick gets to be my traveling buddy–it’ll sort of be a 20th wedding anniversary celebration, about a year early). 🙂

George Inlet Lodge

We’ll be at the George Inlet Lodge.  The theme for the retreat is “The Grace-full Woman,” and I’m excited to meet these ladies and share some encouragement with them.  I’ll be presenting several pieces of music (“My Jesus Fair,” “I Run to Christ,” and “His Robes for Mine”) by Church Works Media during my sessions, and (because it is graciously given free for copying) providing the music to those who would like to take it home and use it in their ministries.  Each lady will also receive a copy of Gospel Meditations for Women to take home with them.  I’ve got some other things up my sleeve as well, but those are secret. 😉  I’ve been so abundantly and generously blessed…can’t wait to share!  Please pray.

We’ll be ministering at Gateway Baptist Church there on Sunday.  Looking forward to a wonder-full time!  I promise I’ll post pictures. 😉


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