Over Easy: Climb Every Mountain…Me?

On Sunday, we drove out Shoshone Lake Road for a picnic and some exploring.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  While my husband was trying to set up a canopy for some shade, the girls and I did some hiking.  I wanted to get to the top  of the hill to see what kind of vantage point we’d have for photos.  The panoramic view was breathtaking.  When we returned to our picnic site, I was explaining to my husband that I had gone up to the top by myself because the trail had ended, and the rocks and thick sagebrush would make it too hard for Katie.  All he did was smile.

Then he looked back up to the spot from which the girls and I had just returned.  He said, “Do you see how far you went?”  I hadn’t even thought

View from near the top

about it.  The whole time we were climbing, I had not one thought about how tired I was, or that I was hurting.  Because I wasn’t, and I was ready for more!  It was a wonderful realization.  I thank the Lord.  Years ago, I would walk 15-20 miles a week, plus stationary biking and free weights daily.  Then came the health challenges.  Those who know me will understand that there was a time when I would have just stayed home, or at best, sat in a chair and watched everyone else.  This kind of progress is monumental.

And today, the only thing that really hurts is my sunburn.  God is good.   He has chosen in the past for me to worship Him in stillness and quiet, but on this day He let me praise Him in His mountains.

“Exalt the LORD our God, and worship at his holy hill; for the LORD our God is holy.” ~Psalm 99:9


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