Over Easy: Nerd is the Word

I grew up in a home where we watched a lot of PBS.  And war documentaries.  And Jacques Cousteau.  More often than not, our vacations consisted of something educational…Boston (where we went aboard the USS Constitution), Washington’s Crossing, Gettysburg, Philadelphia…that sort of thing.  I was cultivated as a nerd.

Today, I like to watch Nova, History Detectives, National Geographic specials…and I still get my share of documentaries, having a husband who is a WW2 buff.  He and I used to play Trivial Pursuit, just the two of us, in earlier years.  I like reading dictionaries.  I enjoy etymology.  I like to know why.  Maybe a nicer description than “nerd” would be “information addict”?

Homeschooling is kind of fun for me, because I get to learn things along with my kids.  I love history now.  I used to detest it, because the approach in my classes was that you memorized the dates and names and spit them out for a test.  While playing Trivial Pursuit with Patrick (a history lover), I began to learn how things were connected from continent to continent, which things were an impetus for other things, historically speaking.  That’s when I began to enjoy it.  And he never made fun of me when I didn’t know the geography questions. 🙂

I am reminded of the little boy Davy in the Anne of Green Gables books.  He was always asking questions, which were followed by the little phrase, “I want to know.”  Now I have my own inquisitive little boy.  He loves to know things as well.  At about 5 yrs old he took apart his remote control monster truck, re-assembled it, and it ran.  He likes to understand how things work.  He could not enjoy the carousel because he was busy looking up to see how the mechanism worked that made the horse go up and down.  When he got off, he had to look underneath to see how it revolved.  He watches Nova with me. He thinks his subscription to Popular Science is cool.  I wish I had a nickel for every time he says, “Mom, I have a question….”  It has become routine when I tuck him in at bed time.  And very often they are good, thought provoking questions.  I hope I’m never too busy to answer them.


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