Over Easy: God is Great, God is Good, the Well is Broken, Let Us Thank Him (anyway)

My parents were part of what Tom Brokaw called the Greatest Generation.  They were folks who knew how to make shift and make do. In their day, there were fix-it shops.  Life was not disposable.  Shoes were re-heeled and re-soled.  We are not them.

I think ours is more of a Shade Gourd generation. Like Jonah, if something doesn’t work, we pout.  Also like him, our priorities are desperately skewed.  He mourned the loss of his shady spot while the people who received God’s message had turned from their wickedness.  It should have been a time of great rejoicing.  A little inconvenience contributed in his losing perspective of the big picture.

Our puttering well pump gave up the ghost yesterday afternoon.  I don’t like inconvenience any more than the next person…but as I was recounting the hassle of this arrangement, I found myself feeling more and more ashamed of myself.  So, I decided to list what’s good about it:

  • My laundry baskets are empty.  The dishwasher had already been run.  So, we’re good to go for a little while.
  • We are not without electricity.  We’ve been without both before.
  • We are not flood victims, who experience the loss of both of these things and much, much more.
  • We are not in some remote part of Africa where there is no safe drinking water available.  Or, in a place that would require us to haul it by hand from a distant location.
  • We have little containers of clean drinking water that even have spigots on them.
  • We had the money to purchase said containers.
  • I have an ingenious husband who has his wheels turning on a solar shower idea.   While we can make do with a pioneer clean-up, he comes home from work covered in car crud, so this is a bigger issue for him.
  •  If push comes to shove, we have an irrigation ditch on our property that could be used for things not requiring sanitary water.
  •  Kate and I will have some together time washing things in the dish pan.  Side benefit…Kate’s nails get clean too.
  • Our teenager is at camp.  I joke that she is the one responsible for the demise of the rain forests…she is working on being ecologically minded.  Needless to say, she is good at taking long showers.  She is being spared the current trauma. 😉
  • We are again mindful of how little water we really need to use.

It is good to do without things.  I am grateful for a new perspective.  We really are blessed.


One thought on “Over Easy: God is Great, God is Good, the Well is Broken, Let Us Thank Him (anyway)

  1. Your comments about the the “Shade Gourd generation” are slightly funny, but so true. Don’t we take modern conveniences for granted? I hope you soon have all the water you need.

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