A Treasure from Smiling Jack’s

I saw a Facebook post by a friend recently, which reminded me of this.  My friend’s daughter had opened a fortune cookie, and the message said a medical profession might be promising for her.  Perhaps so.  I don’t think a slip of paper inserted at a fortune cookie factory can map out her future.  Btw, they’re not even really Chinese (just like spaghetti is not really Italian…but I digress).  It is a novelty. 😉

Above is a picture of one of the inside covers of Patrick’s Bible (click to enlarge–sorry it’s not clearer).  The little slip with red print (it says, “A lifetime of happiness lies ahead for you”) is a fortune he received at a Chinese restaurant we called “Smiling Jack’s” (I can’t remember the real name, we called it that because the proprietor was a charming, smiley Asian man 🙂 ).  We were on a date.  I can’t remember if we were already engaged at that point.  I believe so.  Sweet memory.  Sweeter still that my husband is sentimental enough to still have this little memento.

It was God’s will, not fate or fortunes, that brought my husband and I together.  It is still funny for me to think about…had you shown me a picture of a scrawny, blond 6th grader when I was a graduating high school senior, and told me I was going to marry him one day, I’d have said you were out of your mind.  Isn’t it interesting, the difference a few years makes?

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