Nope.  I’ll tell you right off this has nothing to do with a TV show.  This has to do with  my heart.

I am a woman of simple joys.  If you follow the blog, you know something of my health struggles.  You know from a recent post that I’ve been finding some energy lately. I rejoice in that.  To actually feel engaged and help alongside my kids instead of just giving directives is so wonderful I can’t express it.  To come to the end of the day and still have something left over is remarkable.

That was yesterday.  We attacked the house with fervor and while the kids laid waste to the piles of sleds and bikes and cobwebs in the carport, I tackled the many congregating piles around the house.  Armed with new storage baskets and containers, I sorted, trashed, prioritized.  What a glorious feeling to sit down in my chair and not be surveying what used to be “the fray”…bunkers of shoes, foxholes crammed with toys, and the nasty Lego mine field.  We did battle with it all, and with joy.

While making supper, Patrick and Erin came home.  The first thing that you see when you come in the door is a corner of counter space that my husband uses.  After his weary day, he empties his pockets there, deposits mail there, and that is also where the kids put all their drawings and projects that they want to be sure are visible for Daddy’s admiration.  It had come alive, and was growing.  It made me happy to have the focus to sort through it all and re-store it attractively.  He noticed. He also noticed the tang of barbeque pork as he opened the door.  I love helping my husband to love coming home.

Erin had been helping a friend of ours sort through and clear out things at her house, getting ready for a move.  Erin came home with some things for all of us.  She selected a basket for me, which I love.  All my nutritionals are now organized with plenty of elbow room.  It was like a little hug from above, “Well done today, my daughter.” She also brought home a pair of very nice Dan Post boots for Michael, and they fit perfectly.  She gave Kate a little Babar toy, which she slept with last night.

It was a good day.  A gleeful day.

“I will go in the strength of the Lord GOD: I will make mention of thy righteousness, [even] of thine only.” Psalm 71:16

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