This Is God…

Being webmaster for our church site, I get exposure to each week’s sermon much more in depth than the average church member.  As I copy edit the sermon texts, searching for missing commas, and linking verses, I have to review these thoughts over and over.  It is good for me.  This passage from last week’s sermon I thought was particularly powerful:

Yet, in that garden of Gethsemane He said, “O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done.” Many miss the full significance of this statement. Jesus was not only assenting to the physical pain, suffering and humiliation. This is the record of the perfect and sinless God in the flesh assenting to having the sins of the entire world placed upon Him from past, present and future. This is God who 30 short years earlier had been in Heaven, a place of perfect sinlessness and light, but is now manifested in the flesh in a place of pure sin and darkness. This is God, who had spent thousands of years in our time, (and eternity past by His reckoning), in pure bliss without any sin or pain or death or destruction – only to come here and suffer all the pains of man. This is God who would submit Himself to wicked, miserable, blighted, disease ridden, reprehensible, sinful, scandalous Gentiles. Ultimately His devotion and love for us forces Him to separate Himself from Himself, tearing His entire being in two in order to save the souls of every single deplorable human being on the planet, for all time past, in the present and all those in the future. This includes those who have been hunting Him, hounding Him, falsely accusing Him, threatening His life, ridiculing Him and in all ways labeling Him a sinner, deceiver and rebel. But He knew no sin. That is selfless agape love. That is our Savior.

I love thoughts that make me see Him clearer, don’t you?


One thought on “This Is God…

  1. Another blog friend and I were just discussing some of these concepts this morning — Christ taking the sin of the world on Himself and what it meant that God the Father turned His back on the Son. I’m going to share this link with her.

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